We are pleased to be able to offer you an exquisite range of premium Davidoff cigars.

A cigar aficionado makes his or her decision based on personal preference and the smoking time available.

From 11am we can offer you an inviting environment for your personal smoking pleasure, enjoyed with a fine red wine, cognac or whisky


The success story of the traditional  Davidoff brand began in Europe as far back as 1911, when an immigrant tobacconist from Ukraine opened a small shop in Genf. His name: Henri Davidoff. About 20 years later his son Zino took over the business. At the end of the 1960s, Zino Davidoff launched a pure Cuban cigar under his own name. Davidoff have been manufacturing cigars in the Dominican Republic since 1991, and have earned a leading reputation among connoisseurs the world over.




“Classic” Series
No. 2  / Panetela / Length 15.2cm, diameter 1.5cm

Characteristics: a somewhat smaller cigar for short smoking pleasure




“Mille” Series
2000  / Corona / Length 12.9cm, diameter 1.7cm

Characteristics: for fans of mild and aromatic cigars



“Millennium Blend” Series
Short Robusto / Length 10.8cm, diameter 2.1cm

Characteristics: with a powerful blend and balanced taste



“Special” Series
Short Perfecto / Length 12.4cm, diameter 2.1cm

Characteristics: impresses with an unusual format, offers spicy yet balanced smoking pleasure thanks to 7 tobacco blends  

Small Cigars


Small Cigar / Length 9.5cm, diameter 0.9cm

Characteristics: shorter smoking pleasure, the smallest hand-rolled small cigar



“Mini Special”
Mini Cigarillo / Length 8.7cm, diameter 0.7cm

Characteristics: the most prized Indonesian cigar tobacco, balanced taste  



Puro d’Oro

Robusto / Length 13.0cm, diameter 2.1cm

Characteristics: exclusively Dominican tobacco, medium to full-bodied intense taste  


Length 14.0cm, diameter 2.1cm

Characteristics: rich, earthy aroma with a spicy, peppery note and 10-year-old wrapper made from Nicaraguan Rosado tobacco  

Your cigar advisor

The manner in which the end of the cigar is cut ultimately determines the quality of the draw, the delicacy and intensity of the cigar aroma, and whether the cigar burns consistently. The cigar head should be cut off with a double-bladed cutter, leaving an opening somewhat smaller than the total diameter of the cigar.

A good cigar should never be lit with a petrol lighter, candle or sulfuric match. Connoisseurs light their cigars with a lot of patience. You hold the open cigar end about 1cm over the flame and turn the cigar until a glow has developed all round. At this point you put the cigar to your mouth and take the first draw.

The true cigar fan does not “smoke” a cigar, but rather enjoys it, because every draw should provide extraordinary pleasure for the palate. If your cigar goes out, you can go right ahead and relight it as long as it is still warm to the touch.

Cigar ring
You should not remove the ring as this is manually added to most hand-rolled cigars. When removing the ring, it may stick to the wrapper and damage it.

Cigar ash should not be knocked off but instead carefully wiped away. There should always be a little ash on the cigar. This reduces the smoking temperature and a more intense aroma develops.

A cigar is never stubbed out. One simply lays it in the ashtray and allows it to go out on its own.

Our drink recommendation

Enjoy a fine drop of something with your cigar and give your thoughts free rein. How about a glass of good red wine, a cognac or a whisky? Ask us, we’ll be happy to advise you.

Red wine 

Pinot noir, Durbach wine cooperative




Ron Zacapa, Centenario




Davidoff Classic Cognac



Crown Royal, The Legendary Whisky