The history of the guest house and bath house Zum Goldenen Hirsch stretches back to its first records from 1306. For a long time the open-air pool was run separately from the indoor facilities which housed 7 bath tubs that were open to the public. The open-air pool was operated by the Selbach brothers from 1306, and was run by Ferdinand und Margaretha Unfried until 1737. The baths were under the care of Adam Castner from 1650 and by Zacharias Hilger until 1755.

The family ran the house with a firm hand. The bath house survived the terrible town fire almost unscathed, so that the year of establishment, “1689”, can still be seen in the paving stone on the ground in front of the hotel entrance. With such a history, the hotel rightly carries the title of the “oldest hotel” in Baden Baden.

The guest house grew and soon became a spa hotel, which in 1815 offered its guests almost 50 rooms and bath tubs. Steeped in history, the hotel was honored with the presence of with many celebrities of the day, even the Italian violin virtuoso Nicolo Paganini.In 1835 it was expanded again, this time with a building complex on the opposite side of Hirschstraße. In the same year the main house was refurbished in the French Couleur style and from then on was run as a French bath house.

In 1932 the annex was connected to the main house. Since then, “Der Hirsch” (the stag) poses artfully on a golden, forged shield that hangs over Hirschstraße for locals and visitors to see, symbolizing the earlier Ooser Tor (Oos gate).

In 1880, under Emil Josef Peter, the bath house and the associated hotel were given their defining name: “Josef Peter’s Gast- und Badhaus zum Goldenen Hirsch” in Baden-Baden. Documents show that he managed the hotel from 1880 until 1900.

Source: Ernst Köblin, Hof-Buchdruckerei, Baden-Baden 1900

Until 2007, the historic spa hotel, along with the RadissonBlu Badischer Hof and the Steigenberger Europäischer Hof, was under the management of the Steigenberger Hotel Group. Ever since the extensive renovation, undertaken with care to preserve historical details and stories, the hotel has been owned by the Russian Heliopark Group.

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